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collingwood custom home design


Architecture reflects our time and culture as well as shapes it.  It is our essential humanity that moves us to do good, creating places that facilitate activity and bring joy to the human spirit.  STEVE HAMELIN design studio is creating places that enhance the human experience through innovation, creativity and vision.  We design homes with settings to live, learn, heal, work and play.

Our vision is to be a leader in professional design services, bringing value to clients through innovation, while being committed to excellence, sustainability and sound business principles.

"Every home has its own story."

Having been a home designer in Oakville and Collingwood for over 15 years, 10 of those years as Steve Hamelin design studio, we can truly stand behind the fact that we understand your wants and your needs. Providing residential design, commercial design and designs for builders of all sizes. Specializing in custom home design, home renovations, home retrofits and house face-lifts.  We have designed in the Kawarthas, Muskokas and all over the Greater Toronto Area. You can find many of Steve Hamelin's Home designs throughout South West Oakville, East Oakville, Bronte, Lorne Park Mississauga, and Mineola, Mississauga.  His ability to design unique homes for each consumer is evident through his portfolio where you will find an array of modern home designs, traditional home designs, Farmhouse Modern and Modern Tutor Home Designs.  

Steve Hamelin design studio also serves the greater Collingwood and Georgian Bay area. Cottage design has always been on his "to-do more of" list. Designing homes in Collingwood has been a welcomed adventure as we see an influx of growth in this region.  Retrofitting century homes, adding on to old homes and redesigning to fit within the neighbourhoods is right up Steve Hamelin design studio's alley.

At Steve Hamelin design studio, we understand the process and the time involved from start to finish of your project.  We are honest about timelines and we are keen on taking all of your wants and needs and transforming them into a beautiful residence for you and your family. 

Ideally, bringing your ideas to fruition is our pleasure and we look forward to a long and healthy relationship with you designing your home.

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